Do Macronutrients really matter? Get to know more about Carbs, Protein, & Fat.

by Miss Fia Batua, RND CSN

Registered Nutritionist Dietitian – Sports Nutritionist


Your Diet is not just about the Calories, it’s more of the Macronutrients:

Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat


So what’s the right macronutrient % distribution in a Filipino diet?

Carbohydrate 50-70%*

Protein 15-20%

Fat 20-30%


(source: Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines)

carb protein fat

When it comes to meal planning, get your Macronutrients from the right sources:


Carbohydrates is NOT the enemy. I repeat, it’s not the enemy! You just need to choose the right kind of carbs. Avoid excessive intake of simple sugar, and sugar+fat combos like sugary drinks, baked goods, pastries, fries/doughnuts, pizza etc.

Go for the following COMPLEX CARBS:

-Brown/Red/Black/Wild Rice


-Sweet potato


-Whole wheat pasta

-Whole grain bread




Make sure you get lean cut meat to control the amount of fat.

1 serving of lean meat has 6% fat content.


-Fish like Salmon, Tuna, Blue Marlin, Milkfish, etc.



-Lean Red meat (Beef/Pork)


-Tofu/Vegetable protein substitute



Your food sources should be LOW in Saturated FatHIGH IN UNSATURATED FAT.




-Avocado (1/8slice per serving)

-Olive oil

-Canola oil

-Peanut oil

-Fish oil

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