F45 Nutrition: How to start and keep a healthy, sustainable DIET.

Written and words by MissFia Batua, RND – CSN

Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist – Elite Fitness Coach

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In the world of  Nutrition, Diet is about how you consume food.

Diet definition: Your diet is the type, and range of food that you regularly eat .

And it can be anything! Low in saturated fat diet, High in protein diet, Low carb diet, etc.


But above all, there is only one type of DIET a Licensed Nutritionist – Dietitian can only agree on. And it’s called “Proper diet”.

A proper diet should be balance, has variety, and it should be complete.  Not crashed, and not too restricted. So how do we start on a healthy, sustainable diet? Here’s my 3 starter tips:



Don’t stress yourself. Just pay more attention on the food choices, where/when you will eat, your reasons for eating, and how you feel before/after eating. Listen to your body, and always consider where your food comes from, and how it is nourishing your body.

be calm and eat mindfully


You may not be a fan of greens, but the truth is that you need a lot of it day by day, week by week. It should be a priority. 1/3-1/2 of your plate should come from vegetables.

eat more vegetables.jpg


Imagine yourself getting that awesome shape. Studies show that having a positive visualization helps us push our limits, and get fitter.

visualise results.jpg

Take my advice,

Eliminate self-doubt, love yourself, trust the program, and stay consistent. You got this! 🙂

For more information about your proper Nutrition, you can email me at f45.nutritionph@gmail.com, or visit the nearest F45 Training near you!



Miss Fia Batua, RND -CSN (Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist)

©Copyright 2017





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