Weightloss: Do we really need to avoid Carbohydrates?


Let’s talk about Carbohydrates.

Since 1960’s or 1970’s, Low Carbohydrate or restricting Carbohydrate Diet regimen has been very popular. And because of the increased obesity cases, esp in the US, this quick weightloss diet programs really hit the bar. Why? -because of its rapid WEIGHT LOSS result.

Carbohydrate is our PRIMARY source of body FUEL. It makes up our 50-60% calorie intake. Yes, this is also for diabetic individuals. (Confusing huh?)

Low to No Carb Diet Program looks effective because of the rapid weight loss. But are you aware of what you are actually losing under this type of diet? It’s your TOTAL WEIGHT.

Body Weight is made up of FAT MASS, WATER, BONE MASS, ORGANS, and MUSCLE MASS.

When your primary source of energy (Glucose) is deprived, your body’s stored glycogen will be used as your NEXT energy source (1 Glycogen = approx. 3 parts Water- meaning excessive depletion of these energy sources will also cause our body to lose that much water weight ), and then that’s when our body forcibly (gluconeogenesis) use the stored body fat AND muscle mass as energy, resulting to an excessive weight loss A.K.A. crashed weight-loss. WATER + MUSCLE + FAT. 

Take note, losing a lot of weight -long term- from crashed programs can cause multiple further health risks. Like dehydration, kidney disease, urinary stones, vitamin deficiency, and malnutrition. And if your idea of saving these muscle loss is by taking protein in EXCESS (up to 50%-70% total intake), well you are doing it all wrong my dear……. :/

I’ve been in the Nutrition, Health and Fitness Industry for almost 7years now as a Professional Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian, a Sports Nutritionist, and a Certified Elite Fitness Trainer. And I personally handled hundreds of weight management cases already, from regular weight loss programs, muscle gain, to special medical cases like Diabetes. Trust me, Carbohydrate is a real friend. The amount of Carbohydrate intake will predict how much energy you will produce, how much fat mass you can actually lose, and how much muscle mass you can gain.

You don’t have to totally cut carb from your Diet. Rather, you just have choose the right Carbohydrates and know what PROPER DIET is all about. For healthy choices of Carbohydrates, choose whole grains like brown/black/wild/red rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals and whole wheat pasta. Avoid Fat-Carb combination like doughnuts, cakes, croissants, fries, fried rice, creamy pasta, buttered bread, etc.

When it comes to Nutrition, trust only reliable sources. Trust a Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian.



Watch out for my next blog posts about Protein, Fatloss Program, Diabetes, and Common used Supplements.

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