5 Steps to a Healthier New YOU this summer 2017!


Written by: Ms.Fia Batua RND
Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian
Elite Personal Fitness trainer &Health Coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

New Year has always been a way for us to make resolutions.
And it is also the season to make new Life Goals. For many, its  leading to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. To get you started, follow these 5 steps to a new you:

1. Find your Best Motivation.
-What’s driving you to a healthier lifestyle? Is it medically related? Do you want to look better and feel better this coming year? Is it something or someone that inspires you? You need to be clear on that.🏃🏿🏃🏽‍♀️

2. Make Health Goals.
-I suggest have a Journal or Planner where you can clearly write everything on. Then make SMART healthy Goals. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For example:

“I will do my recreational training every MWF, and full cardio training every TThSat” or “I will prepare and eat healthy meals 7days a week, workout 3x a week, and target to lose 2lbs each week” 🗓

3. Plan. Always make a Plan.
-This is like going for a Marathon. You won’t just go there and run. If thats how you see it, you might end up hungrier, exhausted and over fatigue. You need to plan ahead of time before your special event. This is the same way when changing to a healthier lifestyle. Outline everything, decide on your schedule. If plan A didn’t work, remember that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. don’t give up.

4. Food track.
-Healthy lifestyle means healthy eating. Track down your food intake while tracking down your weight or performance. Write on your Journal/Food Diary. And weekly, review and compare your eating pattern so you will know what might holding you back or slowing you down.🍎🍌🍛🍳🍞

5. Get information from reliable sources.
-Nowadays, the internet and the world is full of fad programs. Especially fad diet programs, for they are so tempting and so-good-to-be-true. But remember, this fad diets (ex.Low to No Carbohydrate Diet/ HighProteinDiet/ PaleoDiet/ KetogenicDiet/Crashed Diet, etc) are very misleading and also dangerous.

Ask a real and registered Dietitian. A RND/RD -(Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian) is well trained when it comes to Diet and Nutrition, they can help you make the right Diet Plan and tips to reach your Health Goals. You can find them mostly in FitnessGym/Health Club, and or Hospitals.

Have a Happy, and Healthy New YOU!

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