Top 5 tricks NOT to gain excess weight this “ber-month” season.


Author: Ms.Fia Batua, RND -CSN
Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian –Sports Nutritionist / Elite Fitness Coach



*Image used by My Health Site

Holiday Feast will be just around the corner. And it’s going to be a war out there, believe me. It’s either you give in and gain weight, OR have the courage to stick to your diet pattern while enjoying the party with your love ones.

It should be a win-win situation.

So whether you will be hosting a party, or be one of the guests, learn and apply this Top 5 easy ways to stick to your Diet Plan. It actually works! 😁


• Don’t get too hungry.
– Before going to a party and/or buffet, I recommend that you shouldn’t go in there empty handed. If you will let yourself get too hungry, you might end up wanting more food. And then, fall to binge eating and consume more calorie than what your body can actually  metabolise.
– Eat at least 1-2 hours before the party. A piece of fruit or a cup of whole grains will do. It will keep you feel half full, and satisfied later on.

• Let your plate do the talking.
–  The more space you have, the more likely you will put more food on it.
– I suggest, grab a small plate instead. It will even help you control everything, and you can even see portions that is on your plate.



• Beware of Food Pushers.
– Ok, let’s move on from the over- used-alibi, “I just can’t say NO to them..”
The next time someone offers you an extra scoop or bite, especially when you know it’s more than enough already, have a small plate of fruit or vegetable salad with you and just tell them you’re doing good already.

Be mindful of the Take Home Food.
– Watch out. Pick something that is more belly friendly. Sometimes those take home food or left overs are more tempting and often the reason that leads to weight gain. Be wise.

Hold on to your Willpower.
– Not because it’s the season of eating, you will just really give in.
Have the courage to say NO politely to extra food. And even to your own cravings. BE IN CONTROL.


It’s alright to be “there”and enjoy the party, but never forget all the hard work you did weeks before just to lose or maintain a healthy weight. One single High in Calorie Meal, can cause you 1-2weeks worth of hard work.

“One should eat to live. NOT live to eat.” -moliere


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